The best 4K TVs to buy – for Christmas 2017

3D and HDR television sets, which emit coloured light in the form of blue, red, green and orange, were super popular during the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2012 in London, but just a year later, they were being replaced by LED and 4K televisions, which boast vivid colours and upscaled quality.

Despite its success, 3D has yet to make its mark, and at least 12 manufacturers have admitted that they have no plans to roll out 3D sets this year.


LG has one of the most impressive ranges of TV tech around, and it also the cheapest four-core televisions at £1,449 – the 55-inch 55EM9. There’s also a new ‘Super UHD’ flagship LG OLED that features fast-response processing for high-speed images, as well as 100 per cent local dimming that optimises black levels, while reducing non-essential LED backlight processes.

The 65-inch 65EM8 – which boasts a much higher 85Hz refresh rate than the average Smart TV – is the ‘bigger and badder’ model. It’s currently on sale for £2,649, reduced from £3,449.


With 4K OLED and QLED, Samsung is going beyond even TV trends. QLED TVs feature advanced local dimming, which improves picture quality while reducing interference between each individual pixel and generates new colour patterns for brighter images. With brighter colours, crisper image and wider viewing angles, these TVs have proved popular across all the major consumer tech retailers.

At the moment, the 55-inch 55Q7N is Samsung’s cheapest, most affordable 4K TV and has a budget price of £2,199. The new 65-inch 65Q8N has a £3,999 price tag and the 85-inch 85Q9N costs £7,999.

Toshiba 55-inch UBP-43B1

Toshiba is following suit by adding QLED TVs, which use a similar technology to Samsung’s models, to its range. The budget 4K model – the 43-inch model – features an array of motion and Ultra HD modes, along with HDR profile. At the moment it’s cheaper than Samsung’s QLED TVs with the 55-inch UBP-43B1 available for £1,499.

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