‘Selling Sunset’ is back with new episodes on SundanceTV

Written by Staff Writer at CNN New York

“Selling Sunset” and its evocative Los Angeles atmosphere will be back this fall on SundanceTV. Season 4 of the series is set to premiere on September 14.

Based on Matt Redman’s true crime books “Sergeant Blue” and “The Rising,” “Selling Sunset” follows the real-life drama of a large LAPD narcotics unit as they pursue suspects throughout Los Angeles.

Here is an excerpt from Redman’s debut memoir, “Sergeant Blue.” He also blogs for CNN.

By the late 1990s, the old West Side crime syndicate had been eliminated, but the its old hustlers had found a new and more elusive target to exploit: big-city paramedics and paramedics with a diverse criminal history. They, too, knew that a great deal of money could be made if they could trick ambulance crews into pumping up drug money. It was unclear if they were able to harvest that much cash in the old days. No longer, as they now injected smack into suspicious ambulances, and the drug money was identical to that of a narcotics deal.

A paramedic lies low with his assignment after running a contraband drug into a patient’s system. Credit: Provided by New York Magazine

One particular parabolic drive was especially dangerous, and one paramedic had received a small cut for helping boost a van full of used heroin to the ER. He put his resignation on a paper too difficult to fudge, and the crooks didn’t want him back.

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