Seth Meyers on fatherhood: ‘I do a lot of stuff before the baby comes’

Late-night host Seth Meyers discussed the arrival of his third child, son Henry McAndrew Meyers, during the second episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers on Friday. Baby Meyers was born in late June, and Meyers posted the first few pictures of his newborn on his blog just the next day. “You can do all the reading, all the praying, but if you don’t have that thing that marks the outside of your being with love, I don’t know what else you can do,” Meyers said during his late-night monologue, acknowledging the continued emotional weight he’s been carrying around since the birth. “But, for me, it’s a normal part of life,” Meyers concluded. “So, I’ll focus on that.”

“I feel like I’m kind of a new father for the first time,” Meyers continued, in an apparent reference to the wildly different thoughts he’s had on fatherhood since having his oldest two children, then 5 and 3. “I mean, this is it. I feel like it’s my children that made me,” Meyers added, and he took a moment to thank his ex-wife Alexi Ashe, who gave birth to his kids while they were still married. “You were my wife for three children, and I appreciate that.” At one point, Meyers mused: “I think my kids’ parents are the reason I’m this close to my child. But she’s the one who raised them, so, thank you.”

Meyers reflected on how the first few weeks of life with a baby he hasn’t seen yet is slightly like getting ready for a possible pregame warm-up before your first year in the NFL. “You do a lot of stuff before the baby comes,” Meyers explained. “That wasn’t your first pregame warm-up — that was the first one, when you’re warming up for a game, and your child is probably coming.” Meyers also speculated that his son is going to be the person to win the world’s most difficult trivia contest, which is certainly apt.

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