Kylie Jenner is now selling Kylie inspired gifts

The new Harleys at Astroworld could be called Kylie Jenner’s latest piece of holiday decor.

After it was revealed this month that the model was selling theme-themed towels for all of its stores, the 18-year-old is now selling a slew of decorations — including riding statues of herself and an ATV –– on her site

While many of the gifts are offering a fun and festive touch, others, such as the custom bathroom plaque that emulates the home office of character Ron Weasley, help highlight the trend that the teen is offering themed gifts with an eye toward a certain audience.

“Ladies, my friend Courtney and I were giggling about it and how hard it is to find the right item,” Jenner told WWD. “So, we decided to team up with Courtney’s artist friend, Hiroko, who is incredibly talented. The intimate nature of the artwork — we wanted to give it a personal feel.”

Jenner may be gearing up for another holiday season with her sister Kendall Jenner. The pair will soon be hanging the store’s first official Christmas tree. With Halloween finally over, the Jenner siblings, who added the theme to its stores in 2016, are focusing on Thanksgiving at their new location.

“[During] the holidays, a lot of the spaces are homey and warm and it’s a nice vibe,” a Kylie Jenner representative told WWD. “We’ve always liked it and thought it would be fun to start with Thanksgiving.”

However, in the midst of selling customized shower curtains and leather panels, the reality star will be busy with some legal drama. Not only is she involved in lawsuits with her ride-sharing company Koi when it started selling regular seats on its cars, but Jenner is also facing a lawsuit from Motel6, who is allegedly using a painting of Jenner’s on one of its promotional images.

“It’s the world we live in,” Kardashian said on her podcast “Mrs.” “And so, some things go too far.”

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