Dead men in the news: Clyde Barrow has Bonnie Summers in his bed

Bonnie Summers and Clyde Barrow, two notorious felons during the height of the Great Depression, met and began a doomed affair. Both were convicted and died in prison, though to different ends.

Now, Bonnie has been named legally dead in a case brought by her lover, Clyde’s nephew James “Clyde” Barrow. Bonnie died of emphysema in 1983, but Clyde died of starvation in a Texas prison in 1993, so her death should be legally declared a mistake. According to US law, where there is no biological or DNA evidence, it is only a court’s decision as to whether a person is still alive or dead, and legally declared as such by the people of Texas. Clyde has a love interest named “Sally” who is still alive; if “Sally” dies, the record must be revised.

James “Clyde” Barrow, one of the most famous convicts in US history, died in prison on 29 October 1993, 11 years after he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murders of five people in Texas on the afternoon of 10 April 1934. After his conviction on 11 April 1934, Clyde Barrow was housed in the federal penitentiary at Youngstown, Ohio, from 1935 until his death. In May of that year, Clyde Barrow was transferred to a Texas prison, where he died while under guard in prison four years later. [source]

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