Australian Open: Kyrgios hits back at accusations he supports anti-vaxxers


Nick Kyrgios has hit back at reports he supported unvaccinated children in some of his statements on kids and viruses this week.

The Australian tennis player tweeted on Wednesday that he felt “no empathy for anti-vaxxers” and hit back at doubters in a since-deleted post.

According to the AFP, some were confused by this.

“I hope people don’t take the words out of context. I never actually said ‘I’d sit with an unvaccinated child and explain their beliefs to them,’ or that I would advocate having my kid on the quarantined atlas. I think that would be completely wrong,” Kyrgios told News Corp.

According to the Australian Associated Press, Kyrgios said there’s a misconception “that you have to be unvaccinated to have a virus, and it just isn’t true”.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page linked to Kyrgios has been suspended after running counter to the comments the Australian tennis player made earlier in the week.

Swiss university graduate Maxwell Gold said he reached out to Kyrgios last week following a perception from social media that the tennis player was trying to spread misinformation around health messages.

The founder of Gold Team Health said the internet-based program is a pro-active solution to the heart of the health riddle.

The controversial article was up for almost two weeks and said a number of false claims are being made regarding anti-vaxxers.

The article published on the page said anti-vaxxers are trying to keep others from reaching the silver bullet that makes them immune to dangerous disease.

It also claimed that people are failing to acknowledge how a vaccine-born disease can actually affect the effectiveness of an individual’s immune system.

According to Gold Team Health, “the silver bullet model allows those infected by the debilitating disease to break the vicious cycle by benefiting from the protection provided by the vaccine”.

The comments, allegedly by Kyrgios himself, were later deleted from the page.

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