After criticism of his Hall of Fame chances, Bill Belichick not worried

Let’s follow this through.

There was a measure of debate over whether Bill Belichick deserved to be a part of the NFL’s top 75 players inducted in 2018. Amid some public disagreement, the league and the Patriots coach have made it clear there will be no changes to the selection process going forward.

Asked what the NFL should do to protect the integrity of the game and help the careers of future greats, Belichick seemed optimistic that there would be no need to do anything.

“Why? I don’t know,” he said of concerns the selection process could be compromised, per Seth Wickersham of Sports Illustrated. “I don’t understand that. You have another one. It’s not based on anything.

“There was a lot of criticism, but I don’t know if anything will come of it.”

Based on stats alone, Belichick undoubtedly belongs in the Hall of Fame. However, as one prospective Hall of Famer put it, you can’t beat a close look at Belichick’s past statistics, evaluating such things as contracts and win totals, using the percentages of teams he was on and final outstatements.

We’ll see if there is another victory parade.

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