9 easy ways to beat the heat with a cooler home

Story highlights The sweltering summer months are here.

There’s only so much time you can curl up on the couch and watch TV.

Now that it’s summertime, it’s time to start thinking of ways to beat the heat in the comforts of your own home. After all, you already have air conditioning and almost as many gadgets as you need, so why not stick with those methods?

But a visit to the remote control won’t always cut it. You’ve probably heard that going cold-water baby warm air is a more effective way to stay cozy (especially in the house). But it has limitations: The cool air won’t be as soothing or invigorating for your body, and your room won’t warm up as quickly. To combat those issues, consider these other options.

1. Give your couch a makeover

Getting a swanky new couch can help you fall asleep faster and it’ll be a lot more comfortable. Although you may only be changing your sofa from old to new, it could be the first step toward the design change you need to make.

2. Upgrade your tablet

Going from a standard computer to a smart home gadget can be an expensive investment, but it’s worth it if you’re thinking about replacing the devices that keep you connected every day. Upgrade your tablet with an Apple TV (or the Amazon Fire TV Stick) and check out the latest apps that will help you stay entertained during the summer’s increasingly hot days. You might also want to add a TV to the mix.

3. Replace your workout clothes

Between errands, errands and more errands, we often don’t have much time for ourselves. For a healthier way to recuperate, consider scheduling an appointment with a personal trainer. Gym clothes will begin to feel old and stale, so invest in a new set of workout clothes in the summer. You’ll feel more energetic and energetic!

4. Add a projector

To make the most of the scorching days, you may want to try projecting to your surroundings. Plus, it’s easier to watch movies at home in the summer when the volume is lower than it is during other months of the year.

5. Install an air conditioner

This one’s important and can be an affordable option. With these units, you can boost air conditioning or bring in the summer. Keep in mind that some units aren’t rechargeable and cost up to $1,000. But even cheaper options can make you feel more comfy. A self-cleaning option is also recommended, especially when using an incandescent type of incandescent light bulb.

6. Invest in a nicer pillow

This is another inexpensive option that’s a bit more stylish than a plain old pillow. In general, you’ll feel pampered throughout the day, whether it’s from a natural looking fabric or the slight air-grill styling.

7. Update your coffee maker

Chances are that you’ve tried all the fancy coffee makers out there, but your morning cup isn’t quite as stylish as the one served up at Starbucks. There are still simple designs that are quick and easy to clean and easy to brew hot water for a cup without cooking. There are also microwavable coffee makers that are perfect for the summer’s longer days.

8. Go vintage

You may not have too much of a budget for decorating an entire room, but it can be a quick and easy fix to freshen up any room you live in. Here are some timeless pieces to try, including classic decoupage on canvas, needlepoint and drawstring detail. You can even tuck in a denim coat so you’ll always be appropriately styled for the season.

9. Forget about carpets

The high-heels smell and the aches and pains of romping through the pool can wear you down even during the winter, but that doesn’t mean your home needs to be floor-bound. Carpet can weigh down your space and become a nuisance that causes you to feel sluggish. Instead, floor mats, real fabric, can be an easy upgrade that can be swapped out easily (and often).

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