Tips for making sure your kids get the hottest deals for Black Friday 2017

There’s no doubt that the Black Friday shopping season begins just hours after Halloween in 2014 when the first toys and Halloween costumes go on sale at the end of October. This year the last days of October for Black Friday merchandise will be the 8th, and the actual end of Thanksgiving weekend shopping should occur on the evening of Nov. 26.

Prices are pretty good during the first week or so. Check out the video above for a look at the best deals.

So, with toy prices almost in line with kids’ Halloween costumes this year, and Halloween (or maybe not) being so late in the month, what’s left of the November Black Friday rush? Well, although we can’t guarantee the deals as long as there’s a week of color-coordinated home décor and whatever Disney merchandise you’ve been begging for, we have some tips on how to pick the best options for your kids.

What’s New This Year

As holiday toys are seeing bigger improvements year-over-year, we’re seeing their prices fall closer to those of a big-screen TV or stereo you’ll actually need to buy. We’ve found prices on big-ticket items like video gaming consoles to be like 30 percent off just three weeks before Thanksgiving, and up to 40 percent off an entire line of kids’ toys.

Will There Be A Bubble Game?

A few years ago, Christmas games and house/car decoration were really cheap—maybe double or triple the price of just about anything else. That certainly still seems to be the case right now, but consumers may be eager to splurge on a bubble game, rocket pack or, gasp, something as overhyped as an Angry Birds-themed instant snow globe as an upcharge for a still-brighter present. Look for the cheapest offers on the U.S. Price Hots website (which is easily found at the top of this article), to be sure to nail down the prices quickly!

Top Ten Toy Buying Tips for Small Kids

For kids who are six and under, deal-hunting is a whole new adventure. But since any toys (or home décor or kids’ clothing, for that matter) kids put on their Christmas lists get ripped off over time (and adults with really great taste), some kids’ gift-buying tips come into play. We’ve found all of them in the video above and at for young kids.

Getting Back to Gift Giving In a Few Years

There’s no need to give gifts to your kids if they outgrow them by the time you get around to buying them. As soon as your next kid is born, start buying him or her a toy they’ll have to play with at least once to give them the opportunity to play with it themselves—and have fun doing it. We recommend making toys that will look great on Christmas morning or a holiday itself, such as mini-doctors’ aids that allow your kid to treat patients, or boozy Holograms that can be used for adult parties. But stay away from anything kid-free because they might just be outgrown in the year after their arrival!

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