Rainfalls bring floods and monsoon rains to Alberta, Canada

As Canadian citizens prepare for wildfires and mudslides to accompany the unrelenting rain, one area of the country has been unusually sunny during the rain. The Rockies, comprising of mountains and canyons, in Alberta and the province of Saskatchewan have been battered by wild weather over the past month. According to Alberta’s Environment Minister, Brian Mason, the province’s wildlife services have already rescued countless animals. According to the Edmonton Journal, a truck driver en route to some animal rescue sites when the heavy rains hit his truck was faced with a “life or death” situation. With almost one-month’s worth of rain in a single day, the engineer steered his tractor towards a landslide that he was able to advance into. While it is unclear how many cows were rescued, many have been left stranded on their farm farms.

A convoy of fourteen Alberta Provincial police vehicles returned Sunday from the flood-stricken Muskwa Hills to more sobering news. Rather than two to three inches of rain, they had been forced to drive around two feet of water covering roads and puddles the size of swimming pools. While at first glance, the update may appear to be a result of another “shelf” that the province has endured, the “shelf” is actually just one month’s worth of rainfall.

Trucks battle floods and landslides to move distressed animals from area https://t.co/GgP3ksFbcT pic.twitter.com/RWexV30YN4 — CBC Edmonton (@CBCAlberta) April 17, 2017

“This has been unusual,” Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said. “Rain totals like this have only happened maybe three or four times over the past 70 years, so certainly this has been unusual.” Notley urged that residents take every precaution when dealing with the state of the hills and what lies ahead.

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