Is R-J Roelofs Scandal Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

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Entertainment journalist Vinay Menon has taken some big jobs and currently lives in New York.

FOX’s Vinay Menon has this week’s “FOX on Hollywood”:

I’m Vinay Menon.

R-J Roelofs and Sony Pictures are being sued for failing to release the Sony trove in 2016. All but 50,000 have been made public. One of the things that have been missing was a sexual assault reported against R-J Roelofs and an accountant.

We called the lawyer who’s representing the employees. Their response:

(Lawyer) ‘Mr. Roelofs is upset but focusing on the work that he loves to do… He is ashamed that he was vulnerable.’

Vinay, are we to take the “Shameless attack on a great man” as “yeah right”?

They gave the green light to a documentary that includes 11 witnesses who say they were attacked by Charlie Sheen. However, that’s where the similarities end.

Vinay, the Daniels scandal is just the tip of the iceberg with apologies to one of our greats Joan Rivers, why is Bill Cosby not facing justice?

(Daniels) “It’s outrageous that people would steal words I worked very hard to craft to sell papers… They raped me!”

Vinay, they don’t make stories like this any more.

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