How to coordinate a friendly holiday travel season

Mother Nature makes travel problematic for many reasons. Bad weather might force airlines to cancel flights or keep gates idle. Hot weather might knock out flights and leave people stranded at airports. But to make the holidays manageable for travelers, many carriers are turning to more practical approaches to accommodating travelers.

Some airlines are sending holiday greetings in the mail, as provided by American Airlines. If you mail packages that include a paper or electronic note you’ll receive a call from an airline representative (in this case by an automated message) to say your package is on its way.

Faster deliveries are possible thanks to Amazon’s “Arrive Now” service. It’s available for certain big-name names and may only be offered during certain hours. Customers should know ahead of time that Amazon’s “Arrive Now” service will not accommodate everyone in the same area at the same time. The service will also be available only in markets where delivery is easy, such as on the west coast and where multiple retail stores serve areas.

After you’ve checked in, American Airlines is asking you to download their mobile app to your Android or iPhone. A warm welcome to you all. But watch out for sneaky travel extras if you use it: The app may call the toll-free number in the app that is listed on the bills. They could be able to get your travel number through your phone, and send you a text or email saying you’ve arrived on-time.

If you are traveling for Thanksgiving but don’t own a smartphone, consider your options by using an app, a smartphone or a virtual concierge service. It’s free and easy to use, and you will be on the safe side.

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