China Tennis star faces ten years in jail for drug trafficking

A day after Chinese tennis star and former U.S. Open champion Fan Zhendong was charged with drug trafficking, Peng Shuai of China, said that the WTA is “deeply concerned” about the case.

According to State Media, Fan was arrested while handing over envelopes of drugs during a routine traffic check in Shenzhen.

Fan, who is currently ranked 40th in the world, is being treated at a hospital for initial detoxification measures, which in theory is a good thing because, when you are currently in the “judicial system,” there is a quite a good chance that you are going to be sentenced to hard labor for up to ten years.

Fan denied the accusations against him and now the state party-controlled newspaper CCP Daily has published an opinion piece entitled “The question remains: Was Fan Zhendong trafficked?”

“The questions and answers of this article are difficult to answer, but a number of questions arise. Fan Zhendong stated that he was handed six packages by the police and that these packages contained and estimated total amount of 40 grams of methamphetamine. This issue does not end here. The document from the police report accompanying Fan Zhendong’s arrest says that he was detained in Shenzhen city and that he was transferred to Suzhou city and that he was subsequently delivered to The Zhangjiang General Hospital, where he gave up a total amount of 40 grams of methamphetamines, or 100 tablets. Are these 1,000 tablets a small amount of meth? This is an important question; after all, consuming more than 90 capsules of methamphetamines in a day will get you quite a buzz.”

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