Canadian singer Bryan Adams given positive test for nerve agent

As first reported by Finnish TV outlet YLE, Canadian rocker Bryan Adams had tested positive for the nerve agent covalent.

Covid-19 is a known weapon of mass destruction that consists of two salts of metamine hydrochloride combined into a compound named covalent. While the substance usually does not cause side effects on its own, its use in military weaponry can cause extreme side effects, such as muscle numbness, generalized paralysis, glaucoma, impaired vision, respiratory problems, infertility, and persistent mental confusion, to name a few.

Adams first learned about his positive test for the chemical on July 12, and had been working with a team to receive treatment for his condition. Adams told YLE that he underwent a “string of tests” and was diagnosed with the nerve agent after consultation with specialists.

“They ruled out as being a problem anything chemical or narcotic that I’ve been using, but, of course, they did a post-exposure treatment, which I’m doing while I’m here, and I’m not sure what’s gonna happen with that,” Adams told the station.

Adams has already passed the initial test for Covid-19 and no radioactive isotopes were discovered in his urine. He added that he didn’t believe his positive tests were an attempt to harm him.

“At my age, I’m not that particular concerned about the consequences of that. I’ve actually signed my own death warrant a long time ago,” Adams explained to YLE. “And the truth is, no one wants to die, you know? It’s so absurd, and so contrary to what I do as a human being. To cause someone who has worked their whole life to get to a certain point in life to not have any kind of success, it’s a disgraceful situation.”

According to YLE, Cortal-19 has been banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention, but it is not yet clear if the substance has been illicitly used on anyone in the past, or why Adams was mistakenly diagnosed with the chemical.

Read the full story at YLE.


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